About Amind

Established in 1999, AMIND Pty. Ltd is one of the largest wheelchair conversion companies in Australia. Based in Brisbane, Queensland, we have always taken pride in doing in-depth research and staying up to date with the strides made in the world of automotive engineering. This is done in an attempt to develop into and remain an elite organization for vehicle modifications relating to wheelchair accessibility throughout Australia.

Our intricate knowledge and experience in the design and construction of hoists, ramps and lowered floors on various vehicles, has always kept us ahead of the competition, while simultaneously allowing us to stay innovative. In addition, quality is of utmost importance to our company and the products speak volumes in that regard. With this in mind, we work alongside professionals who are able to produce products that meet the demand of the Australian market. With a growing network of franchises, we are steadily expanding our reach to gain more traction while providing several locations for product and service distribution.

For the last decade, AMIND has strived to ensure that all our vehicle conversions are attractive, affordable, practical and most importantly, safe. Safety is a major concern for us, so we have gone above and beyond in ensuring each of our modified vehicles undergo testing and certification by accomplished engineers. Additionally, we also ensure that we stay in compliance with all applicable ADRs and traffic criteria. We are all about making life easier while giving you the option to do more of the things you love to do. AMIND is the future of accessible vehicles – so take the first step and join us onboard.