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Advances in Technology

Living with a mobility impairment is hard – there are so many places you can’t go and things you can’t do – but thanks to modern technology, there are far more freedoms for mobility impaired people than there was in the past.

Electric Motors

One of the great inventions of modern times is the electrically powered wheelchair or scooter. It enables a mobility impaired person to travel greater distances without the hefty muscle work and energy expenditure required.

The electric motor has also been applied to a number of wheelchair lifting devices, not to mention ramps and door openers. Here at Amind, we stock a range of electrically powered devices that make your life easier.

We can also modify the seat of your car to make it an electric wheelchair – this affords you the ultimate convenience and allows you to be fully mobile, accessing any place that provides a wheelchair ramp. Thankfully, more and more businesses and venues provide ramps these days.


Whatever type of wheelchair you have, Amind has a product that provides the perfect solution. We have systems that allow mobility impaired people to drive their own cars, rear-mounted racks that can carry anything from a standard wheelchair to an electric scooter, lifters that lift heavy wheelchair equipment into the back of your car, devices that can lift your mobility vehicle straight onto the kerb, lifters that can carry a person from a car seat to a wheelchair, electric seat adjustment devices, devices that can lift the car seat right out of the car for you to transfer onto your wheelchair, and a whole plethora of other handy inventions.

We are proud to be able to provide comprehensive solutions for mobility impaired people, and are always innovating to come up with better products. We are on the cutting edge of accessibility technology, and we look forward to a future where mobility impairment does not hamper one’s freedom at all.