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The Advantages of Getting a Wheelchair Conversion

There are many folks who are mobility impaired who live without wheelchair accessibility in their car. They may not be aware of the advantages of having a wheelchair conversion done on their vehicle.

About Wheelchair Conversions

Amind wheelchair conversions come in many types. We have hoists, ramps, and swivelling seats to accommodate for different needs. With Amind, someone who can’t drive a standard car can have the freedom to drive again.

For disability support workers, it makes life a lot easier too. No more lifting of heavy wheelchairs from the back of the car – now you can rely on technology to do the heavy lifting for you.

Different Products

Amind has a huge range of accessibility products available. We have the 6 Way Base Internal Access System for those wishing to drive their own cars, the Back-Saver – a rear-mounted rack for folded wheelchairs, the Big-Lifter for stowing electrically powered wheelchairs, the Caroney Wheelchair System which converts a car seat into a wheelchair, the Chariot for scooters or powerchairs to be towed behind a vehicle, the Curb-Sider which lifts a scooter or powerchair and stores it in the back of the vehicle, door automation systems, the Joey which is a ramp that stores your mobility device in the back of a van, the Lifter, the Mobility Lift, and many more.

Amind is here to help the mobility impaired to get the most out of life and offer them the freedom we should all have. No matter what kind of mobility device is needed, we have the product that provides the right solution.

Give us a call today and we can chat about which product is best for you.

At Amind, we care about the mobility impaired and want them to have the best quality of life and the freedom to travel safely where they please.