Engineering Certification

AMIND has a number of state and federal recognized vehicle engineers and certifiers.  We are authorized to provide engineering certificates, Blue ‘Mod Plates’ and VSCCS Compliance Certificates for all states and Territories of Australia.  Using our certification services means your vehicle can be certified and transferred to any state or territory in Australia.

Unsure about anything? Just give us a call, one of our engineers would be more than happy to help you gain the information you require to ensure your vehicle is safe and compliant with all necessary rules.

We always recommend that you consult an engineer/certifier BEFORE your build and modify your vehicle, so that you can make sure you are doing the right thing and will not have to spend any unnecessary money fixing issues or mistakes that you have made on the vehicle, just because you didn’t know, we see this all the time and that’s why we are happy to work with you along the way and advise you on various parts of your modification or project, we pride ourselves on sticking by our customers through the entire build process, you can be assured we will take the journey with you all the way to the end until your vehicle is compliant, certified and registered on the road.

If any vehicle or component testing is required, we can provide this service as we are the one stop shop test facility.

Our engineers are unrestricted signatories and can provide certification for all vehicle types and categories.