Introducing the Trackchair

Here at Amind, we’re proud to present a new product – the Trackchair.

two kids in trackchairs

About the Trackchair

The Trackchair uses a unique track system instead of wheels. This makes it the ultimate in all-terrain travelling. It can navigate the usual streets and paths easily, but the real advantage is when you take it off-road.

It can easily navigate uneven surfaces like rocky paths covered in tree roots. It can even cross shallow streams of water. Going to the beach? No problem for the Trackchair as it can traverse sand with ease.

standing trackchair


The Trackchair comes standard with a power seat tilt. It is available for both adults and children. It runs on 2 x 12 volt wheelchair batteries. It is intuitively controlled with a directional joystick. Its motor is 24v high torque, which means that obstacles in the path will easily be overcome.

It can reach speeds of around 7kph, so it can keep up with someone walking at a brisk speed. Another handy feature is that it can rotate on the spot – perfect for tight spaces. Depending on the roughness of the terrain, it can travel for around 17km – so you can definitely take it bushwalking.

It also comes with a one year warranty, and a three year warranty on the welding and track. It comes in a range of awesome colours, too.

It has a great safety feature – two small extra wheels at the back which stop the Trackchair from tipping backwards during extra rough terrain. A lot of thought has really gone into this machine.

So if you’re looking for a wheelchair that really takes it to the next level in terms of manoeuvrability and strength, and something that will take on most kinds of terrain, look no further! The Trackchair is here!

Check out our products section for more details. We hope you’ve found this blog informative and helpful.

trackchair nt model