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Our Products

Here at Amind we have a wide variety of wheelchair accessibility products and accessories. Today we’re going to discuss the details of a few of them.

6 Way Base Internal Access System

The 6 Way Base Internal Access System is a swivel seat that allows a mobility-impaired person to drive a vehicle. It is designed to easily transfer a person from the car seat to a wheelchair. It has 6 directions of movement to line the seat perfectly up with the chair. The base has been crash-tested so you can be sure the system conforms to the most stringent safety requirements. It can be installed in both the driver and the passenger positions.

Back Saver

The Back Saver is a powered rack that sits at the back of a vehicle. It has a ramp designed for a compacted wheelchair to roll onto, which at the press of a button, raises the wheelchair into a locked position, ready to drive away.

Big Lifter

The VSL-570 Big Lifter is a powered lifter designed to store an unoccupied scooter or powerchair in the back of a vehicle. It raises the mobility device to the correct height and is then manually rotated into the back of the vehicle.

Caroney Wheelchair System

The Caroney Wheelchair System completely transforms a car seat into a powered or non-powered wheelchair (optional). This eliminates the need for the mobility-impaired person to transfer from one seat to another. The car seat docks with a wheelchair base when the vehicle reaches its destination. The Caroney can be installed on both the left and right sides of the vehicle. It comes with the option of 12” and 24” wheels, the 24” being a quick-release variant. It also comes with fire resistant seats, and optional footrests. It is fully crash tested and safety standard approved.

These are just a few of the awesome empowering accessibility tools we have to offer. Check out our shop section for more!