My daughter was having constant trouble with her ramp after buying a car less than a year ago. We did some research and found out about AMIND and I must admit, it’s the best choice we ever made. We brought the vehicle to them and they made the changes and had her moving around in no time. They are definitely a company you can trust. – Jessica Chambers

I was a bit skeptic at first to have these people in my vehicle doing all manner of things, but when they were finished I had to thank them over and over again. The team was very friendly and they were excellent people to work with. Oh yeah, they got the job done just the way I wanted too!!Alex Findley

We wish that we had had known about them sooner because that could have saved me and my family a lot of time and energy. We bought a family vehicle recently and a friend of ours who was always a part of their family told me to contact them. We will be definitely recommending them to all our friends. Thanks again guys!! – The Johnsons

I had no idea that driving could be this easy in my current condition. You really proved me wrong because I’m loving my van even more now. – Omar Walker

They were very quick to address all my concerns and even when I was still unsure they allowed me to see for myself and it worked out in the end. Now my buddies and I have no issues “rolling” out. Keep doing what you do. – Rochelle Martin

This is the second van that you helped me with and I’m even more impressed the second time around. My wife was having a real problem getting me from place to place and you came and turned things around. I’m very thankful for you people. – Cameron Davies

My husband is tall, so there was enough reason to have doubts. However, the team at AMIND put my mind at ease when we went through everything. They showed me exactly what modifications would be made and how they would complement my husband’s lengthy frame. – Amber Newbury

  My grandfather couldn’t be anymore grateful that you guys came into our lives and I have to agree. It’s like he has a brand new car and now he wants to go everywhere. We really appreciate you more than you could imagine. KudosJeffery and Allan Turner